Tax Preparation Services


This business is more about location and marketing than it will ever be about tax preparation. Our tax software is so easy to use tax preparation can be done by anyone. The hard part is getting customers through the door. We will share our considerable experience and successful tax business marketing strategies with you by assigning you a Personal Coach.

Your Personal Coach will be an individual who has operated a tax office and counseled other aspiring tax prep business entrepreneurs as well. Your Personal Coach will be your point-of-contact for all of your tax business marketing concerns. This expert will conduct a Market Analysis (using our proprietary software the “Prestige Tax Office Tax Demographics Tool) to evaluate the competition and ascertain a prime area in which to locate your tax business (Site Selection). If needed, this expert will be available to negotiate your lease. Next, he will show you how to buy the things you need for your tax office at the least cost (Office Set-up).

Most importantly, your Personal Coach will share with you time-honored Marketing Strategies, and our Personal Coach will help you select low-cost Marketing/Promotional Materials available on our web site to support your endeavors. Know, through Prestige Tax Office, you will be able to offer each taxpayer a free android tablet and up to a $6,000 cash advance against their tax return.

We will not let you make any decisions concerning your tax office alone. Rather, we will arm you with all we have learned setting up tax offices all over America. Nothing about the tax business is overly complicated. Those who are willing to work hard will always do quite well!