How to Start a Tax Business - Support

How to Start a Tax Business

Support for your Tax Franchise

Want to know how to become a tax preparer? Launching a tax preparation franchise is easier than you think – if you have the proper support. We help entrepreneurs understand everything they need to know about tax preparation franchises. From how to launch to how to handle issues that may arise in the future, we provide the most well-rounded training in the industry today. Our experts can even help you learn how to do taxes in a more efficient and financially beneficial way.

Prestige Tax Office maintains a Tax Preparation Season Call Center where we have a team of tax preparation experts ready to answer the tough questions that come with starting a tax prep business in real-time. Having access to information quickly is pivotal to the success of a tax franchise. Our team will help devise a winning tax preparation business plan that will serve as your guide throughout the process. When questions do arise, our coaches are ready to help. We ensure your tax franchise opportunities are successful by providing access to our tax preparation experts via our toll-free number. After obtaining the taxpayer’s SS#, they can assist from there.

Our virtual services make it possible for our experts to provide guidance as if they were in the room with you. Connecting via our online portal allows us to walk you through the steps of opening your tax office. Our payment model is set up to prioritize your success. Initial fees are minimal. We believe that if you aren’t successful, we haven’t done our job. Our goal is to grow with your business. The first steps to starting a tax business that is built for success are picking up the phone and calling our expert team.

Are you ready to learn how to become a tax preparer? Our team of tax preparing experts are ready to assist you. Contact our team today!