IRS Registration

PTIN Registration

IRS Registration

Step One: IRS Registration

In order to ensure that you can provide tax prep for compensation and electronically file tax returns you must gather two very important numbers: A Preparer’s Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). You must register with the IRS to obtain a PTIN number and apply for an EFIN number.

Preparer’s Tax Identification Number

The Preparer’s Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is an identification number that every paid tax return preparer must utilize on their United States federal tax returns when submitted to the IRS. Every tax preparer must obtain a PTIN number by going to PTIN number registration is a very easy process, but we can help you with PTIN registration to ensure it is done correctly.

If you currently have a PTIN number and through our due diligence we identify that it is currently under investigation by the IRS Criminal Investigations Division or other authorities, or that your account number is linked to fraudulent activity, we will not be able to provide our tax preparation solutions to you.

Electronic Filing Identification Number

The number assigned by the IRS to a person admitting them into IRS e-file program and allowing that individual to file tax returns electronically is called an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). Getting assigned an EFIN does not require a hard cost when you apply for EFIN. However, fingerprints and a background check must be agreed upon when you apply for an EFIN.

We are happy to assist those who do not have an EFIN after a review of the returns for IRS compliance. It should be noted, however, that our e-filing service is exclusively available to people in two unique categories who want to apply for EFIN. The first is those who agree to adhere to all applicable requirements for participation in IRS e-file wherever published. The second is those who have not been denied participation in IRS e-file. (See, at minimum, Revenue Procedure 2007-40, IRS Publication 3112, and the IRS website).

The experts here at Prestige Tax Office are excited to help educate you on how to complete IRS registration for your business. When starting a tax business, our experts can be trusted to help you launch successfully. We are also more than willing to help you with our other tax related services Call us today with any questions at (866) 813-2220.