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Become a Tax Preparer
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IRS Assistance and PTIN Number Registration
Tax Preparer Training

Red - $399

This package is designed for the entry level Tax Preparer

Red - $399

Prestige Tax Office will support your tax clients in the off-season, freeing you to operate your tax business seasonally.

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White - $699

This is the most popular package offered by Prestige.

White - $699

It is designed for the tax prep entrepreneur who has some experience or exposure to tax preparation...

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Blue - $999

This package is designed for the experienced tax entrepreneur.

Blue - $999

Ideal if you previously ran a tax prep business and are already registered with the IRS as an E-file provider.

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Stars & Stripes - $799

This package offers the potential to earn the highest split in the industry, a 100% split!

Stars & Stripes - $799

This package is designed for those individuals who do high volume and want to earn the most money possible.

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Start a Tax Business - Open a Tax Franchise Today!




Are you interested in expanding your tax preparation business by opening a franchise?

Let Us Help You Launch a Tax Franchise!

Prestige Tax Office can provide you with all the tools necessary to become successful in the tax preparation industry. Whether you are a novice wondering how to become a tax preparer or an experienced professional in the tax preparation business, we have a package that suits your needs, whether you prefer working from home or running a retail tax preparation location.

Our business is a double minority-owned and operated tax preparation franchise, owned by an African-American female since 2011. Our goal is to create financial stability for our family and help others start their own successful tax business. We treat our clients with the utmost respect and consideration, and we guide them through every step of the process, ensuring that their tax preparation franchise is set up to thrive season after season.

If you are interested in becoming a tax preparer or establishing your own home-based tax preparation business, Prestige Tax Office is the right choice for you. We have the expertise and experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed!

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Our Packages

Learn more about all our packages and see which one is the best fit for you!

Red Package

Entry Level Tax Preparer

60/40 Revenue Share
Professional Tax Software
Market Analysis
+ Much More

White Package

Most Popular Package

70/30 Revenue share
$5000 Taxpayer Advance
State-of-the-Art Tax Software
+ Much More

Blue Package

Experienced Tax Entrepreneur

80/20 Revenue Share
Private Label Professional Tax Software
Individualized Tax Preparation Training
+ Much More

Stars & Stripes Package

Highest Earning Potential

Up to 100% Revenue Share
Private Label Professional Tax Software
Live-Person, Tax Prep Season Support
+ Much More

Opening A Tax Business

Get step-by-step instructions on how to open a tax office from one of our personal coaches. Our tax preparation franchise coaches have a track record of success. They don’t just help people in opening a home based tax preparation business, they help people learn to become a tax preparer.

Take Advantage of Tax Franchise Opportunities

Opening a tax preparation franchise can offer numerous benefits to entrepreneurs seeking to enter the tax industry. Tax preparation franchises provide access to a proven business model and our established brand name, which can help attract clients and build credibility in the local market. New business owners benefit from comprehensive training and support provided by Prestige Tax Office, including assistance with marketing, operational guidance, and ongoing updates on tax laws and regulations.

Additionally, tax franchise opportunities grant access to proprietary software and tools, streamlining the tax preparation process and enhancing efficiency. Franchisees also benefit from collective advertising and brand recognition efforts, reducing the need for individual marketing expenditures. Furthermore, the backing of a reputable company like Prestige Tax Office instills confidence in clients, leading to increased trust and loyalty. Overall, opening a tax preparation franchise can offer entrepreneurs a faster path to business ownership, with the support and resources needed to succeed in a competitive industry.

One of the many perks of partnering with Prestige Tax to start your own tax business is getting a personal coach by your side throughout the tax season.  This coach will offer you assistance and help eliminate uncertainties with your decision to start a tax preparation business.  Your coach will also keep you up-to-date on all the important details.

Some additional benefits in partnering with Prestige Tax include assistance with IRS Registration, marketing, site selection and more! Many of our customers choose to run a home based tax preparation business and enjoy the luxuries of working from home. Contact us today to learn more about starting a home-based tax preparation business with Prestige Tax as your partner.

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