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Tax Preparation Services

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The journey to start your own tax preparation service for compensation can be a stressful one, but it’s ultimately a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. We have helped countless firms get off the ground and look forward to adding you to the list. Our experts are ready to take you throughout the entire process of launching your business. Below, you will get a sense for the steps that must be taken to start successfully.

IRS Registration

You need to get a few things from the IRS before you can legally start handling taxes for compensation. The first thing to acquire is a PTIN or Preparer’s Tax Identification Number. The second is an EFIN or Electronic Filing Identification Number.

Obtaining a PTIN

Every tax franchise must obtain a PTIN at The good news is that there is no fee and it can be renewed each year after October 15. Your PTIN must be kept in good standing. If the IRS expects any fraudulent behavior, it will be investigated by the IRS Criminal Investigations Division. If you have a PTIN, and it’s under investigation, we cannot legally help you with your tax preparation services.

Obtaining an EFIN

The EFIN is simply a number assigned by the IRS, which allows an accountant to electronically file tax returns. No cost is associated with acquiring an EFIN, but a background check and fingerprints are required.

If you are unsure if you are eligible for an EFIN, our experts are available to help answer any and all questions. Contact us today to learn how to complete your registration or for more information on the many tax preparation services we have available for you!

Contact us today to learn how to complete IRS registration for your tax preparation business or for more information on our various tax preparation services.