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Support for your Tax Franchise

At Prestige Tax Office, we understand that you won’t know everything about how to become a tax preparer overnight. This is why we provide our franchisees with as much support and information as possible on how to start a tax business. Starting a tax preparation business can come with challenges like any other entrepreneurship. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to succeed. You will know exactly what you need to start a tax preparation business as we will provide you with the steps to starting a tax business. 

Prestige Tax Office maintains a Tax Preparation Season Call Center where we have a team of tax preparation experts ready to answer the tough questions that come with starting a tax prep business in real-time. This means you will not be forced to leave a voicemail or contact us by e-mail. Instead, if you encounter any issue at all, you simply call our toll-free number and a tax preparation expert will ask you one question: What is the taxpayer’s SS#? From there, our experts look forward to helping you with your tax preparation business plan.

Because we are on the cloud (or “web-based”), we can jump into the tax return like we are seated next to you in your tax office, and we will resolve your issue in real-time with your tax prep client right there! We can help with any questions as you complete the steps to opening a tax office. You should know we do not make any money by charging modest entry fees. Instead, we make our money with you during tax season. When you start a tax business as a Prestige Tax Office franchisee, you will not be inundated with fees that could hinder your growth. This way, you can be certain our support will be there as promised because our interests are tied to yours. In order for us to succeed, we must first help you succeed as you take the steps to starting a tax preparation business.

Are your ready to learn how to become a tax preparer? We are ready to assist you. Contact our team today!